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About Me

Ghada Fasho is a Canadian artist who specializes in abstract oil paintings, portraits, and pen and ink drawings.

Solo Exhibitions

1999 – “Recent Portraits in Pastel” at the Lebovic Gallery, Scarborough, Ontario. Featured by Shaw Cable Television on June 7th, 1999.

1996 – “Portaits in Pastel” at the Thornhill Community Centre, Thornhill, Ontario

1992 – “Bird Images” at the Civic Garden Centre, Toronto, Ontario

1989 – “Animal Images in Pen & Ink” at the Civic Garden Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Group Exhibitions

2013 – Distillery Show Artist, Ont. (Aug-Sept)

2012 – Allan’s Artists at the Silverstone Gallery in Pickering, Ont. (Nov-Dec)

2011 – Oakville Artists Annual Studio Tour

2010 – Durham West Artists Tour, Ajax, Ontario

2004 – Pine Ridge Arts Council Juried Art Exhibition, Ajax, Ontario

1990 – The Consillium Show, Scarborough, Ontario

1989 – Thornhill Annual Village Festival Art Show, Thornhill, Ontario

1988 – 3rd Annual International Minature Art Show, at the Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Featured in

Pickering-Ajax News Advertiser, February 2010

The Best of Canadian Pastels

By the Canadian Pastel Society

Northern Lights Books, 1999

Pastel Artist International Magazine, January/February 2001

The Thornhill Month Magazine, September 1989

The Toronto Star, August 8th, 1989


Pastel Society of Canada

Pastel Artists Canada

Oakville Art Society

American Society of Portrait Artists


University of Toronto – BA in the Specialist program of Fine Art History


Please contact me for a full portfolio. Below is a sample of my various work.


Below are details listing the various custom portraits available.

When I first meet with the client, I generally take my own photographs, do a preliminary sketch, and get to know a bit about the sitters personality. I will discuss details of the commission, such as size of the painting, and where it will to be placed in the home or office. Photographs of the subject will be taken in different poses, and in different lighting situations. It will be important to discuss whether the portrait will be an informal or formal one, whether it will be painted indoors or outdoors, and what the sitter will be wearing for the completed portrait. On the second visit, more photographs will be taken, and a preliminary sketch in Oil will be presented in order to get an approval from the client on pose, colouring, and general composition of the painting. A 50 % deposit it required at the time of the initial commission. The balance is 50 % is given upon completion of the Portrait

Portrait commission procedure

Contact me via e-mail with any questions you may have.

Pastel Portraits – Children

Head & Shoulders: $750

1/2 Length with hands: $1000

3/4 Length: $1500

Full Length: $3000

For double portraits, 2 children or child and adult, please email to inquire about the price

Oil Portraits – Children

Head & Shoulders: $1000

1/2 Length: $1500

3/4 Length: $2500

Full Length: $4000

Full Length, standing: $6000

 Charcoal Drawing: Children and Adults

Head & Shoulders: $450

1/2 Length with hands: $650

I also do pet portraits. Please contact me by e-mail with any questions or inquiries.

Pastel Portraits – Adults

Head & Shoulders: $750

1/2 Length: $1500

3/4 Length: $2000

Full Length: $4000

Oil Portaits – Adults

Head & Shoulders: $1000

1/2 Length: $2000

3/4 Length: $3000

Full Length, seated: $6000

1 24 3 sold cover page 8 7 5 sold 6

Artist Statement

If you wish to contact Ghada, send an e-mail to info@ghadafashoart.com


I would describe my style of painting as a combination of Abstract and Impressionist Art with elements of Art Nouveau patterns and design. My works are painted primarily with palette knives of different sizes which allows for rapid, spontaneous application of paint, and for the delicate blending of juxtaposed colours. Balance is created by the quick mixing and transfer of paint throughout the work. Compositional contrast is achieved by the rhythm of the lines, colours, and the sizes of the shapes. The paintings are meant to be interactive by leading the viewers eye around the painting in order to experience the delicate nuances of the composition. A Section of each painting can be appreciated in its own right as though it were a complete work. The contrast which is represented in each work reflects the parallels which exits in life between the familiar, constant, predictability of each day, and the every changing unpredictability, unknown variable element.


When painting a Portrait it is important not only to paint a likeness of the subject, but to also express certain aspects of the sitters interests and personality. Something about one’s soul is often revealed through the delicate beauty of the eyes. Special attention is paid to each person’s gestures, mannerisms, and unique qualities. My style of painting is a combination of Realism and Impressionism. I like to create interest in a work by placing the figure against an abstract background. My aim is to create a work of art that is spontaneous in nature, not static. A balanced composition is vital to help creates a sense of liveliness, energy and movement. I enjoy depicting the beauty of the human figure, and surrounding it with contrasts of colours, shapes, and textures.